Our Mission

Partners For Strong Families exist to strengthen families by increasing access to excellent counseling and marriage resources.

 Our History

Josh and Cassie Spurlock founded Partners For Strong Families in 2011 with a conviction that families are the building blocks of society. Strengthen families and you strengthen the whole community. This belief has been a driver for Josh and Cassie their entire married life.



As of 2016 this group has 1 store open in Sheridan, Colorado, a second under construction in Littleton, and plans to develop 30-40 more over the next 15 years in the state. A majority stake in the venture, and dividends there of, are earmarked for funding the work of Partners For Strong Families


Develop Sustainable Funding

Spring of 2014 marked the beginning of a journey to develop sustainable funding mechanisms for the work of Partners For Strong Families. Josh and Cassie acquired, in cooperation with a group of investors, the franchise rights to Andy’s Frozen Custard for the State of Colorado.


Strategic Partnership

Since 2011 Partners For Strong Families, through a strategic partnership with Paraclete Ministry Group LLC, dba MyCounselor.Online, has served over 2,500 families, with more than 30,000 hours of counseling, granting over $500,000 in scholarships.

The Spurlocks

Professionally Josh has spent his career as a marriage counselor helping families stay intact and parents be able to model healthy relationship for their children. As a family Josh and Cassie have served the community as foster parents for over 50 kids, and adopting 5 along the way.

Launching Partners For Strong Families was simply a continuation of the work Cassie and Josh were already involved in, with a goal of increasing the scale of the mission: To strengthen families by increasing access to excellent counseling services and marriage resources.

Expansion of Counseling Services

Since it’s inception in 2011, PFSF has been focused on serving communities in southwest Missouri. In 2017 an initiative was launched to expand counseling services nation wide through MyDevice video counseling sessions and AccessPoints.

MyDevice Counseling

MyDevice Counseling

MyDevice online video counseling services allow families in underserved areas across the country, with inadequate access to counseling services, to connect with a counselor on the internet connected device of their choosing, from the location most convenient for them.

AccessPoint Counseling

AccessPoint Counseling

For those without a good internet connection or a private place to engage counseling from, we are expanding a network of AccessPoints. AccessPoints are physical counseling office locations where clients can come to receive counseling services.

At these locations, the counselor joins the session via video conferencing equipment. This allows clients access to specialists in the life area they need help in, even when there are not clinicians in the region to provide the service.

In-Person Counseling

In-Person Counseling

Meet with one of our Christian counselors in a traditional, private setting at one of our physical locations. To set up in-person counseling, all you have to do is contact one of our physical locations in Springfield, Kansas City, or Columbia, Missouri.

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